Just A Line is another Google AR Experiment, now an app


Google is keen to develop augmented reality (AR) technology , and this is why it is constantly funding and pushing new AR experiments. Just recently, Google has made one of its Experiments into a standalone app – and it is called “Just A Line”. This is an AR doodling app, which allows you to do just that – make AR drawings in the 3D space being displayed on the display of your smartphone, via the camera. It’s actually pretty cool.

The “Just A Line” app is actually based on Jonas Jongejan’s ARCore Drawing experiment. The app is not complicated at all – you can draw with your finger on your phone’s screen, which makes it seem like you’re drawing white lines in the air around whoever is on your camera’s viewfinder. The lines stay in place, so that the people or objects in your shot move around those lines. You can then record videos of whatever you created and share.

Between VR (virtual reality) and AR, it’s a no brainer that AR apps will probably get more usage since anyone who has the right phone (that’s a lot of people) can use these apps. AR apps don’t require extra hardware – like a VR headset – so you can enjoy them. There is no better example of that than this new “Just a Line” app.

The hardware requirement is that your phone needs to have ARCore installed. That’s not such a difficult thing to have because ARCore is slowly being made available even to phones with midrange specs. Check out the app via the download link below.

SOURCE: Google Experiments
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

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March 20, 2018 at 05:04AM