Join the VR180 Special Moments Contest and make your VR dreams come to life


Google is pushing for VR180 to become another video standard. There are 360-degree videos but they are somehow complicated to create by ordinary vloggers. Everyday mobile users like you and me may find it a challenge to make VR videos but good thing the tech giant has introduced a new format that is easier to produce. The VR180 format was launched by YouTube middle of last year and the tech giant promised more related cameras would be coming soon. Earlier this week, Google has once again shared details about this new format and even showed off one of the first VR180 cameras–the Lenovo Mirage Camera.

VR180 is a new standard but it has potential to become popular and widespread. As soon as those 180-degree cameras hit the market, we’re expecting more VR180 will proliferate YouTube.

We’re looking forward to more manufacturers and brands to join the 180-degree video bandwagon and to introduce the greater public to the idea, Google is launching a special contest. Entitled ‘VR180 Special Moments Contest‘, this campaign aims to help people bring old and new experiences back to life. Google wants to know what “special memory you want to capture to relive or share with those you love”. Share why it is important to you and who knows, the VR180 team may just make your wishes to come true.

Google will receive applications until February 16, 2018 only. Apple HERE by providing your details and answering the following questions:

What’s a special experience you want to capture in VR180 video to relive or share? Why is it important to you?
• Where would this experience take place?
• What would you hope to capture?
• How long do you envision your video to be?
• Who would you want to share it with? Who is this person in relation to you?
• Have you ever experienced VR?
• Have you ever recorded in VR? If so, which camera did you use?
• How did you hear about the VR180 contest?
• Anything else we need to know?

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

January 11, 2018 at 06:36AM