It might take 1,000 AI experts to fulfill Samsung’s Bixby vision


  • Samsung is reportedly looking to increase the number of staff it has working on its Bixby smart assistant.
  • Kim Hyun-seok said the company needs more than 1,000 engineers to fulfill its vision.
  • He also suggested that Samsung could look into making more tech company acquisitions.

Samsung has revealed that it wants to expand its AI workforce as it looks to develop its Bixby personal assistant. This is according to Kim Hyun-seok, the head of Samsung’s consumer electronics division.

Speaking at a media day for Samsung Home IoT and Bixby (via Yonhap), he said that the company needs more than one thousand engineers to be able to develop the company’s vision of AI. However, he pointed out that there is a shortage of experts in this area.

He also suggested that Samsung could look into acquiring other AI-related companies if their technology impresses. This comes as Samsung was recently rumored to have been interested in the purchase of Nokia Health, before it was sold back to its original founders.

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Bixby first launched on the Samsung Galaxy S8. While there were some teething problems with the roll-out, the situation has since improved, and Bixby is now available in many of Samsung’s smart products. The company is expected to roll out a new version, Bixby 2.0, sometime this year.

The competition in the industry is tough, however: Google and Amazon’s AI assistants are far more popular than Samsung’s, and Apple recently hired Google’s former head of search and artificial intelligence to bolster its assistant, Siri. Job advert data suggests it’s actively hiring more AI specialists further down the company too.

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via Android Authority

May 17, 2018 at 12:47AM