Installer for unofficial YouTube app on Android Auto released


Before we move forward with this article, allow us to remind you in the strongest terms that we do not condone people playing videos in their cars while driving as this is a definite safety issue. But software will always be tinkered with, and so it is with YouTube for Android Auto.

Google has not released an official YouTube app for Android Auto for the obvious safety reasons. That said, third party developers are always free to develop and tinker with Google’s apps. Kiran Kumar is one such developer who has made the “YouTubeAuto” app, and yes, the app will do what you think it is designed to do – play videos on your car’s console screen via the Android Auto platform.

Purely for information, check out the video above for how to install the app. The app needs to be installed on to your phone so that it can connect to your car’s Android Auto-enabled infotainment system. With this hack, even Plex is now playable on your car’s screen – this Redditor jumped off the YouTubeAuto app as springboard for playing Plex videos on his car.

The app installer is available via the source link below, although we highly recommend that you heed the safety warnings.

SOURCE: Kiran Kumar

via Android Community

January 15, 2018 at 02:06PM