Imgur brings Snacks and Feed to Android devices


While Instagram is fine and all when you want to look at pretty pictures and interesting places and beautiful people, sometimes you just want to be entertained or laugh at the pictures on your feed. Imgur is one of those photo sharing apps that can do that for you. The latest update to the Android device now brings you two new features that should bring some amusing stuff into your Imgur experience: Snacks and Feed. The update has started rolling out to users already.

Feed is basically customizing and seeing what things you want to see on Imgur. You can choose specific tags or even certain Imgur users (Imgurians is what they call them) so that your feed will be filled with things that you love or things that interest you. You’ll find this section at the top of the Home tab, beside the Most Viral section. You can add various topics like comic books, DIY projects, photography, pets, etc.

Meanwhile, if GIFs keep you amused and entertained, then you’ll get plenty of that with the new feature called Snacks. They will highlight new themes every day and you’ll get serve some of the perfect GIFs in a full-screen bite-sized format. You’ll get themes like Cats in Space, Perfect Loops, Chemical reactions, etc. You can find Snacks at the top of the Search and Explore tab.

You can update your Imgur app to experience both the Snacks and Feed. If you don’t have Imgur yet on your Android device, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.


via Android Community

March 14, 2018 at 03:16PM