IMDB launches free, ad-supported streaming service called Freedive


If you spend a lot of time on, looking up random movies, researching the whole filmography of your favorite obscure actors, and looking for other trivia about any film and TV show that you can find, they assume that you wouldn’t mind streaming videos from there as well. They have now officially announced Freedive, a free but ad-supported streaming service to add to the ever growing number of places where you can watch videos. This may also be the long-rumored free version of Amazon’s Prime Video service, since they own IMDB anyway.

While they say that Freedive features “hit movies and TV shows”, don’t expect stuff that is still on air or that just recently came out in the theaters. But if you like looking for TV shows that ended a few years back, then this should be a treat for you. They mention Fringe, Heroes, Without A Trace, Duck Dynasty, The Bachelor, and even Quantum Leap. In terms of movies, you also have relatively “old” titles like Monster, Run Lola Run, Memento, The Last Samurai, The Illusionist, etc.

IMDB Freedive also includes their original video series like The IMDB Show, Casting Calls, and No Small Parts. You can also use X-Ray to dive deeper into the videos you’re watching by finding out more about the cast, crew, trivia, soundtracks, etc. Just like a lot of free, ad-supported streaming services like YouTube, titles available aren’t recent but their library is still interesting.

You can watch Freedive on on your laptop or computer. It’s not yet available on their Android app for now but they’re working on it. And since this is an Amazon company, it’s also available on Fire TV devices under the Your Apps and Channels row. For now, it’s only available in the US and no news yet if it will expand to other markets as well.


via Android Community

January 11, 2019 at 08:00AM