Huawei more than ready to be on top of the mobile game


Huawei is on its way to the top. That’s what the Chinese OEM wants to tell us. The company could become the No. 1 phone maker soon if it continues to deliver top-performing smartphones. We don’t have to explain how but the brand has overtaken Apple already. It’s an impressive feat because it hasn’t even taken a hold of the American market. Huawei did want to enter the US but there have been many attempts to block the company. Even without the US, Huawei’s numbers are up so we can imagine how big the Chinese tech firm can make it.

Huawei is determined to be ahead of Samsung in the foldable phone game and it looks like it can beat South Korea. We told you a while ago about the Huawei 5G foldable phone. That’s aside from the Huawei P30 series.

Huawei is still being blocked and banned in several countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. We believe the United States will not stop since Huawei is fast-becoming a household name.

Should Samsung worry? The introduction of the 5G foldable phone alone could be a warning.

Huawei reiterated that it’s not spying for China. Customers trust Huawei that is why its numbers are going up. There’s been a 50% increase in revenue last year with an excess of $52 billion. This year, it could be the same or higher as Huawei is expected to offer more advanced products and technologies.

VIA: Reuters

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January 25, 2019 at 02:02PM