HTC U12 Plus: Price, availability, deals and release date


The HTC U12 Plus is worthy of your attention. Even if it isn’t quite a cult device like the OnePlus 6, it holds its own against any device on the market in terms of specs, performance, and camera performance. It might even beat most of them.

So, how much is it, and where and when can you get it?

Pre-orders start today, on May 23rd, as the HTC U12 Plus goes on pre-sale around the world, including in North America, Europe, the U.K., and Asia. HTC told us shipments of the phone should begin sometime in June in North America, with HTC in Europe saying the wait will be until mid-June.

There are three different color options, including the funky translucent blue, flame red, and your more standard ceramic black (also called titanium black in some regions). We won’t be seeing the flame red available in North America just yet though. Stay tuned on that front because it’s a very nice option if you can get it.

Below you’ll find a list of markets where you’ll be able to pick up the all-glass, dual-camera front and back HTC U12 Plus, and any deals we can find for you. We’ll update this list as more information becomes available.

htc u12 plus price

HTC U12 Plus price: U.S. and Canada

The U.S. will see the HTC U12 Plus launch in two colors, the frosted-back translucent blue and ceramic black. Both are available in the base model, at 6GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage, and with an expandable microSD slot, with pre-orders to cost $799. In Canada, the same will run you $1,099 CAD.

The 6GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage model is only available in translucent blue, and will go on sale for $849 or $1,169 CAD.

Pre-orders start from May 23 – right now.

We expect that the U12 Plus will be supported by carriers who in turn will offer various deals, so stay tuned for those. The phone will be sold unlocked on and Amazon, with pre-orders already open. also has financing options: $34 USD/month for 24 months at 0% APR.

Note: These prices don’t include any sales taxes.

htc u12 plus price

HTC U12 Plus price: Europe

In Europe, the base model HTC U12 Plus with 6GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage, plus the expandable microSD slot, will retail for 799 euros (all prices include VAT), available in all three colors including the flame red.

For 849 euros, you’ll get the 6GB RAM plus 128GB of internal storage, available only in translucent blue.

HTC also have special pricing for Switzerland, running at 879 Swiss francs for the base model HTC U12 Plus, with details to come regarding color availability.

The phone can be pre-purchased through

HTC U12 Plus price: U.K.

HTC have approached the U.K., in the same way, offering the base model HTC U12 Plus with 6GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage, for 699 pounds, in all three versions.

For 749 pounds you’ll get the 6GB RAM with 128GB of storage, but only in translucent blue (again, all prices include VAT). It’s already available for pre-order via

htc u12 plus price

HTC U12 Plus availability

We’re already seeing HTC say the U12 Plus is ‘sold out’ in Europe, although it appears pre-orders are working in the US. Pre-orders haven’t yet started in some places including Australia, and we’ll keep this post updated with information as it comes to hand.

Let us know if you spot any other pre-sale deals – if so, help out the community by dropping into the comment section below!

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May 22, 2018 at 11:31PM