HQ Trivia coming to Android by January 1, pre-reg now available


Have you always wanted to have a career in game shows, kind of like what you watched in the movie IQ? Well, you were probably born in the wrong era then as those kind of things are not as prevalent anymore. But an app called HQ Trivia is seemingly trying to revive that and after having a really popular year in iOS, it’s finally arriving for Android devices, January 1 to be exact. What’s really unique about the app is that you actually get to win cash prizes (or at least in theory).

How it works is really simple. Twice a day, you tune in to a live trivia game show on the app, along with thousands of others who are also doing so. The questions start out easy and only players who get the answers correct will progress to the next level until presumably only a handful of players are left. The more who play, the bigger the cash prize becomes but also the chances of many people splitting that money becomes higher. You only get 10 seconds to answer the question, eliminating the Googling and the asking a friend cheating parts.

The Atlantic says that the game is a reflection of our times, since it doesn’t really rely on stock knowledge but rather on instinctive answers. The 10 second response time makes it visceral trivia rather than actual trivia. But regardless of how you look at it, HQ Trivia is really popular and might get even more popular now that Android users are coming into the mix. Developers say they were able to get as many as 730,000+ players in one live show on Christmas Day, a record for the game. So imagine how crazy it will be by January.

You can now pre-register through HQ Trivia’s Google Play page so you will get the notification when it’s available to download. But don’t quit your day job over this, even though cash prizes are up for grabs.

via Android Community

December 26, 2017 at 07:48PM