How to update the software on your Google Pixel


One of the best parts of owning a Google Pixel is its regular software updates. Google releases an update every month for its Pixel phones, and supports them for at least two years with full platform updates as well. The updates don’t happen completely automatically, though — you still need to be involved to accept the update. Or, if you’re really excited, you can install the updates manually on your own schedule. In either case, we have all of the steps you need to follow to get the latest software on your Pixel.

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How to update the software on your Pixel

  1. Open your Settings and scroll down to System.
  2. Tap Advanced and then tap on System update.
  3. Tap Check for update in the bottom-right corner and wait for the check.
  4. Your system will report back as being up to date, or with an update pending.
    • If you’re on Wi-Fi, the update will download automatically. You can pause it at any time.
    • If you are on mobile data, you’ll have to opt-in to downloading the update immediately.
  5. Once an update is downloaded and installed in the background, you will receive a notification to reboot your phone to install.

As long as your Pixel is turned on and regularly connected to Wi-Fi, your phone will automatically download and install updates and then prompt you to reboot to apply them. But when you hear about an update and you want it quicker, these steps above will help force the update if you haven’t yet been prompted to install. If you absolutely must have an update right now, there’s also a manual update installation procedure for hardcore Pixel owners that want the updates before anyone else gets them over the air.

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January 16, 2019 at 07:04AM