How to Mount your Amazon Echo Dot on the Wall, Ceiling, or Under the Counter


Mounting Amazon Echo Dots around your home is easier than you think!

If you’re looking to turn your house into an Alexa-enabled Smart Home, there’s no better way than with the Amazon Echo Dot. It’s plenty powerful, but most importantly it’s small, allowing it to blend in with the decor of your home.

Out of the box, the Dot is designed to sit on a countertop or end table, and that’s pretty good, but there are plenty of options for mounting your Amazon Echo Dot in clever ways around your home. That way, Alexa is always there to answer your questions or control the lighting around your home without being right there on the table.

We’ve rounded up some of the best options for mounting an Echo Dot (2nd Gen.) around the house, and the best news is they’re just as affordable as the Dot itself.

ProCase Wall Mount

Mounting an Echo Dot to your wall seems like the perfect solution except for one thing — the Dot needs to be plugged in, which means an ugly cable running from the wall mount to the outlet.

ProCase offers a pretty smart solution for mounting your Dot by addressing that cable issue with a smart cable management system within the case housing. During installation, you’ll wind up the cable on the inside to keep all the excess cable hidden. You can mount the case on practically any surface with a super sticky gel pad on the back as long as you’re in range of an outlet.

This is a compact wall mount that will look really good in any space. You can get this great wall mount case for just $12 on Amazon.

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The Flush Mount by Mount Genie

If you own your home and are looking to permanently install some Echo speakers throughout your house as part of a smart home renovation, you need to consider The Flush Mount by Mount Genie. It lets you mount an Amazon Echo Dot right into a drywall wall or ceiling.

It will take some handy work to complete, but once you’ve cut the hole with the accompanying template and run your cables to a power source and optional speakers the mount and the Echo Dot are held in place by a combination of pressure fit and wire placement.

Since the speaker on the Echo Dot is at the bottom of the device, Mount Genie designed the mount with a channel that effectively provides an unmuffled result. The Flush Mount sells for $19.99 each or as a 5-pack for $89.99. This is certainly the most elegant solution to mounting Echo speakers around a home, although it’s also the most intensive installation.

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FStop Labs Home Outlet Wall Mount Holder

So you’ve got an Echo Dot in your kitchen, but you’d rather not have it right there on the countertop or deal with that cable running to the outlet. You need this clever outlet mount from CloverTale, which solves both problems by allowing the Echo Dot to take up about as much space as a nightlight.

The mount comes with 3M adhesive tape for extra security but essentially hangs from the plugged connection to the outlet. It works no matter the orientation of the outlets and could greatly improve the microphone’s reception depending on where you’re able to better place it in the room.

There’s no installation or tools required here — simply pop the Dot into the cradle and plug it in with the included USB cable. It’s a quick and easy way to mount an Echo speaker in any room in your house and can be easily moved without much fuss. Get yours for just $8 from Amazon or get a two-pack for just $11!

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CUVR Silicone Case and Mounting Pad

The CUVR is an Echo Dot case that doubles as a way of mounting your Echo Dot to a wall, on the ceiling, or even on the underside of a table.

The case is made of soft silicone and precisely designed to fit the form of the Dot Echo with cutouts for the cables and speaker. It looks stylish used on a coffee table, or you can use the included 3M mounting pad to stick your Echo onto nearly any flat surface. Walls, plastics, woods, metals, tiles, glass — you’re only limited by the cable.

With six colors to choose from, this is a great accessory for dorm rooms and bachelor apartments. Available for just $15, so get one for each of your Dots!

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Fintie Wall Mount with Hanger Loop

If you’re not looking to fuss around with adhesive pads, cutting drywall, or any of that business, you might just be looking for this simple and elegant wall mount by Fintie.

Made of sturdy metal with a nice little hanging loop, all you need to do is hammer a nail or use a 3M hook and boom! You’ve cleared a bit more valuable counter space for yourself.

This is a great option for anyone who just needs to get the Echo Dot and its cables up and away from children or pets. It’s also quick and easy to install or move. They’re available in black, rose gold, or white to match your decor and start at $11.

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Where would you place an Amazon Echo Dot?

Have you tested different placements for your Amazon Echo Dot? Let us know your best locations in the comments!

Update May 2018: Added the ProCase wall mount to our list and updated pricing info across all our entries.

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May 30, 2018 at 09:03AM