How to locate and fix tracking issues for your PlayStation VR


Typically, it all comes down to lighting.

You’ve probably experienced issues with tracking while using your PlayStation Move and the first thing you always check is the light sources in your play space. If the light sources are too bright it could interfere with the bulbs on the end of your Move Controllers. Here we’ll go over the best possible lighting we’ve tested and approved for the best tracking!

First, check your current light sources

  1. Select "Settings" from your PlayStation menu.
  2. Select "Devices."
  3. Select "Adjust Tracking Lights."

From there you wanna make sure all your lights and controllers are in the designated areas they are supposed to be. If you see a dark blob on the screen, that’s a light that is too bright.

Amending your current lighting issues

If you found any dark blobs on the screen while checking for the light sources in your play space then it’s time to make some room arrangements. Here are some helpful tips to eliminate lighting issues.

  • Blackout blinds or curtains on windows.

  • Covering reflective furniture like leather couches with a sheet.

  • Put down a floor mat on your play space to cover reflective floors. (This also helps your playspace be safer and more comfortable.)

  • Removing reflective nicknacks and decorations that might be shining light on your camera.

So, while a lot of options require a few dollars to be spent, most can be fixed with spare blankets and sheets! Just do be careful when using floormats. If they don’t have a textured bottom to prevent slipping, order some double sided tape!

Camera Position

Have you noticed when you take a picture of a person with the sun behind them the camera makes them a dark shadow? The exact problem occurs on the PSVR too. Try moving the camera so it points away from any direct sources if possible. Obviously, this is not possible all the time if you want it near your TV but remember, you don’t need your TV to play VR, so it is possible to move the camera to accommodate that.

Changing the color hue of your room

Recently we’ve seen a bit of commotion on Reddit regarding changing color hues of your VR rooms to help with the tracking on your PSVR. We decided to test this out and found that it actually works pretty well! See our results here, and get your own green lights on Amazon!

See on the Amazon

Thoughts and Construction

By building a dedicated VR Room, one with only artificial light sources, you can control every aspect of your VR experience. If you have any tips or pictures of your VR layouts we would love to see them. Leave a comment below and show off your handiwork!

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January 28, 2018 at 07:35AM