How to deal with Blu-Ray problems on PlayStation 4


Blu-Ray won’t give you problems today

Watching a movie on your PlayStation 4 is great, right until it isn’t. For some reason, the BD-Live option on many PlayStation 4 units has a habit of giving your Blu-Ray player a bit of trouble. It’s not the source of every problem, but when it crops up it can be difficult to troubleshoot.

Thankfully, we have found a few solutions for you to try based on what you think is best for your compatibility.

Checking out BD-Live

This is a feature on your PlayStation 4 that will allow internet access options to become available on certain Blu-Ray Disks. The requirements for using this feature are 1 GB of internal storage and an internet connection. When enabled it will download extra content for your movie, even if it was released after the movie was.

You’re familiar with the "Extras" disk that came with a lot of your DVD movies growing up, yes? Things like deleted scenes, background scenes and bloopers are the types of content that will be downloaded. Only certain Blu-Rays, like "Transformers" and "So I married an Axe Murderer" even have these features.

Trouble-Shooting a Blu-Ray issue

Well, unfortunately, BD-Live is an almost dead feature for Blu-Ray disks and more often times than not causes more problems than good content. If you’ve put in your favorite Blu-Ray movie and you’re getting nothing but black screen chances are this forgotten feature is trying to look for content in your movie that doesn’t exist. In this case, you have a few options for making sure you can play your movies without being guilted by the BD-Live ghost.

Turn off BD-Live and forget about it

If you don’t care about the features BD-Live offers (on the occasional movie it even exists on) chances are you accidentally opted into the experience not knowing what it was. That’s okay, there is a way to turn it off through the settings menu.

  1. While your Blu-Ray disc is actively playing (even if it’s just a blank screen) press the options button on your controller.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Video Playback Settings.
  4. Opt to turn off BD-Live.

Turn off your internet

If you’re someone who’s super into movies and has Blu-Rays that play BD-Live content and don’t feel like constantly having to go back and forth between your settings there’s a different solution. Un-Plug your ethernet cable or simply disable your Wi-Fi for the duration of your movie.

If there’s no internet for the feature to work off of. it won’t interfere with the playback.

Did this fix your issue?

If there is a movie that you know uses BD-Live you enjoy tell us about it! Are you experiencing any other issues with your Blu-Ray player for the PlayStation 4?

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February 18, 2018 at 06:33AM