Hitlist now on Android to help find flights to dream destinations


You will not run out of apps and services to try out when it comes to finding cheap flights for your dream vacation. But an app that does that well and has even more value-added services is a bit harder to find. So when Hitlist came out for iOS a few years ago (and a web version later on), Android users waited for it to be available on their platform. Well, that time has finally come as you can now download Hitlist from the Google Play Store.

So the first thing you have to do is tell the app where you’re located and it will suggest some places you can go to and indicate what the cheapest flight you can get in a specific time period. You can add dream or even already planned destinations in your Hitlist and when the prices drop, you can get a notification and then book straight from the app. You can even plan your trips based on your interests and the local airport you will be coming from or going to.

If you don’t have any destination in mind, it has an Explore Lists section where they have travel categories like Festivals, Ecotours, and even something as specific as places where Bitcoin is accepted. You can even find your friends who are planning to go to a specific place and if you feel like it, you can plan the trip together. For that though you will have to connect either your Facebook or your email address to show you friends that are also using the app.

You can download Hitlist from the Google Play Store for free. You can go ahead and start planning that dream trip so when prices go down, you’re ready.

via Android Community

November 17, 2017 at 04:00PM