Hire by Google introduces candidate discovery feature in beta


If you’re on the hiring end of the job application process, it probably is not that easy to sort through all the candidates that apply, especially to easily get access to the highly qualified ones. While LinkedIn focuses more on networking and job application, Hire by Google is meant to make life easier for recruiters and HR people. Now the latest feature they’re introducing is something called candidate discovery, “an intuitive search capability” that you can use to sort through all the past candidates when a new position opens.

Basically what the feature does is to look through the hundreds of applicants for previous positions and see if any of them are qualified for this new position that has opened. It also allows you to easily reengage with them as you can search through the past interactions that you’ve had with the candidates, whether it was interview feedback or if you already gave them an offer but for one reason or another, it fell through.

What’s great about this feature is that based on the job that you’ve added, it will scour through all those that have already sent in their applications and see if any of their qualifications are a match. Hire by Google understands not just the skills and experiences needed for it, but if you also add a place to your search query, it can narrow it down to those who live in a specific area.

The candidate discovery feature of Hire by Google is still in its beta phase so if the company you own or work for is willing to do a little testing, you can use it to look for the best candidates for your job already.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

March 29, 2018 at 07:24PM