Hindi Google Assistant starts talking in India


The Google Assistant has been around for some time now. We first learned of this smart assistant back in 2012 and it has since evolved as more than just Siri’s rival. Actually, you can’t even compare it to Siri now because it’s more than just a smart assistant. The service has been integrated with numerous devices, services, and brands and we believe more will join the bandwagon. Recently, we heard Google Assistant Routines coming to supported devices while it brings more ways of using voice commands. The Google Assistant is said to enter the Chinese market soon. We also learned Actions on Google are getting new languages, deep linking, and location finding.

This time around, Google India is announcing the Google Assistant will speak Hindi. Allo first received support for this particular and its time for the Assistant to speak the same language. Android smartphones running on at least Marshmallow 6.0 will receive the Google Assistant in Hindi. Indian mobile users will find this very useful as it can now speak their native language.

As with the English Google Assistant, this Hindi Google Assistant will follow your voice commands and do many tasks for you. It’s smarter now with machine learning and after all the numerous updates and improvements that rolled out throughout the years.

Google India has listed some voice commands the Hindi Google Assistant can understand:

“Sabse kareeb Punjabi restaurant kahaan hain?“
“Dadar tak pahunchne mein kitna samay lagega?“
“Cricket ka score kya hain?“
“Kal subah mujhe saat baje jagaao“
“Selfie kheencho“
“Daddy ko SMS bhejo “5 minutes mein pahunchenge”

Check out more commands HERE.

SOURCE: Google India Blog

via Android Community

March 15, 2018 at 02:00PM