Here’s how Prime Day helped me up my Cycling game in a big way


I’m a novice cyclist, having only really been "deep in the game" as the kids say for a little over a year now. After I completed my first Century ride with a group, it was clear there was a lot more I could be doing with my gear to make these longer rides a lot more enjoyable and not quite as physically taxing. But buying all of that gear at once is expensive, so I’ve been keeping an eye out for solid deals and slowly building up my inventory. Fortunately for me, Prime Day has no shortage of excellent Cycling gear on sale for riders of every skill level. Here’s the stuff I picked up on a sweet Prime Day sale, and a few other things I can’t recommend highly enough.

Phone Mount

Quad Lock

This isn’t on sale through Prime Day right now, but it’s my favorite phone mount for any bike by far. Snapping my phone into this simple little dock on my bike is a breeze, and I know there’s no way in hell it’s going anywhere. The case you end up using is a little on the bulky side, but it’s a solid protector for your bike if you ever take a spill. And I know, because I have. The Quad Lock case also comes with a rain cover with touch-friendly areas so you can keep your music close while you ride instead of needing to worry about any kind of wrist computer or bag or something like that. It’s worth every penny, trust me.

$70 at Amazon

Emergency Tire Maintenance

Sireck Mini Bike Pump

You should always, always have a bike pump on you when you ride. If not for you, for someone else who is in a bad spot when you come across them. Big pumps, especially battery pumps, add a lot of weight to your kit. And while those CO2 cartridge things are great for a single-use emergency, they’re not exactly great for the environment. Sireck’s Mini Bike Pump has a pressure gauge on it to keep things clear for you, so you can quickly pump and go. And there’s a bracket included so you can mount it to your bike with ease. But with the Prime Day deal dropping $11 off this price, it’s too good to pass up.

$24 at Amazon

Cycling Sunglasses

RockBros Photochromic Bike Glasses

You should be protecting your eyes while you ride, even if you don’t usually wear glasses. Take it from someone who caught a ladybug in the eye while going down a hill at 32MPH; you really want some eye protection. But that doesn’t mean you need sunglasses. In fact, the RockBros Bike Glasses offer a clear shield with Polarized UV protection, so your eyes are covered, and you’ll be able to see better, but there’s nothing in the way of your actual vision. And with Prime Day, these glasses are dropped down in price quite a bit.

$21 at Amazon

Bike Carrier

Retrospec Lenox Car Hitch Bike Rack

I’m fortunate enough to live on a pretty sweet bike trail, but every once in awhile, I need to journey elsewhere and usually not by myself. This Retrospec Bike Rack attaches to my trailer hitch and lets me attach two bikes and take them anywhere. Retrospec makes a three bike and five bike version of this model for you to enjoy if you need more, but the two bike model was all I needed. Regardless of what size bike rack you need, Amazon is taking 20% off each version at checkout, which is a pretty sweet deal compared to some of the crazy expensive models I see in my local bike shop.

$56 at Amazon

Stretchy Pants

MUCUBAL Mens Cycling Bib

As much as I love my baggier mountain biking shorts, Cycling Bib Shorts make a massive difference in the way I ride. It pulls sweat away from the body, adds some cushion to your seat so you can ride comfortably for longer, and they generally keep things from rubbing together when they shouldn’t. It’s a little more awkward to walk into a convenience store with these and a Cycling Jersey on, for sure, but the comfort while on the bike is so very worth it.

$34 at Amazon

Bike Rack Bag

RockBros Trunk Bag

If you’re more excited about being able to carry everything and less enthusiastic about saving every precious gram in weight, like I am, this RockBros bag is awesome. Its 13L capacity is cavernous, the elastic bands up top are perfect for holding something extra, and there’s an extra water bottle pouch in the very back. I like to make sure the bottle I put back there is frozen solid, and that way by the time I’ve burned through my two primary bottles that water is still usually pretty cold. You’re only saving $9 on this Prime Day Deal, but it’s a great bag at any price really.

$36 at Amazon

Puppy Carrier

InStep Double Seat Bike Trailer

Alright, so full disclosure here; I don’t put kids in this thing. I really wanted to bring my dog with me on bike rides, but she’s too small for one of the run-alongside mounts and too big to sit in a handlebar basket. So when I know I’m going on a fairly relaxed ride, I put her in this bike trailer instead and she’s so happy to see and sniff everything. Whether you’re in the same boat, or you have actual children you want to bring with you on a ride, Amazon is taking 20% off the usual $120 price tag to sweeten the pot a little.

$96 at Amazon

Sun safety

CompressionZ Arm Sleeves

No matter what I do, my sunscreen game is weak AF. I always get burned, no matter what I’ve tried putting fresh layers on every 30 minutes, and still walk away from a three-hour ride covered in red. It’s especially bad on my arms, and that’s why I switched over to these arm sleeves. They’re available in a couple of colors, made of the same stuff your jersey is made of and will keep the sun off your skin without overheating you. These aren’t part of a Prime Day deal, but for $14 they’re plenty cheap and well worth the sun safety.

$14 at Amazon

You don’t need every single thing on this list to have a more comfortable ride, but trust me each one of these will help you out quite a bit. And if you’re going to get them, why not get them on sale? The Prime Day Deals here are fantastic, but even if all you’re looking for is a solid bike mount you’ll be able to use for a long time there’s something well worth considering here.

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July 16, 2019 at 07:58AM