Here’s everything you can do with the PlayStation Aim controller!


This is your rifle. There are many like it, but this one is yours.

The PlayStation Aim controller was built to bring a new layer of immersion to PlayStation VR. Games that require you to shoot something are that much more immersive when you feel like a real gun is in your hands. It’s got all the functionality of a DualShock controller, but in an entirely new format.

When you first pick up the Aim controller, it does feel like the controller equivalent of a rifle. It’s light enough that the weight doesn’t make holding it for extended periods of time a drag, but it’s also hefty enough that you won’t wear out immediately. Furthermore, it is armed with a trigger mechanism, two analog sticks, and buttons all over the place.

This controller was built for games like Farpoint on PlayStation VR, adding serious degrees of immersion when you are shooting things in VR. It operates like a Move controller, with far more functionality than a normal move controller. The most comfortable way of using it involves using both hands to figure out where everything is and find what you need by touch.

An essential accessory

PlayStation Aim Controller

PlayStation Aim is here to revolutionize the way you play your shooting games in VR. To add to your VR experience and really get the full extent of your games, you can find this beauty for $59.75.

$60 at Amazon.


The buttons on the PlayStation Aim controller are really what gives it the type of functionality that it has. There are L1, L2, R1, R2, Options, Share, and more built directly into the controller. Unlike a normal move controller, you have far more access to everything that you can do with a normal controller. In fact, when navigating the PlayStation menu, you’ll use those buttons and analog sticks to select the app or game you want to play. Yes, that means that these controllers are used for the entirety of the PlayStation and not just gameplay for the games they’re compatible with.

The Aim controller will even allow you to share screenshots or videos while shooting things in VR with the push of a button, as well as being able to jump completely out of a game and back to the home screen.

Where can I use it?

At release, the PlayStation Aim controller was only compatible with one game, Farpoint. While the selection started off small, more games have been added, making it more immersive than ever to play a shooter in VR.

While you can try to use it in unsupported games, it really does not work out particularly well. Trying to use it like a two-handed move controller feels particularly unwieldy and doesn’t link up well, and trying to use it like a controller is difficult in the same way. It’s very obvious that the games with Aim support have put thought into ensuring that the controls sync up with the controller in your hand well.

And no, this game doesn’t work with Killing Floor Incursion. I’ve tried. Yes, I’m just as sad as you are.

Where do I buy an Aim controller?

The PlayStation Aim controller first hit the market on May 16th, 2017, and initially, finding one was a bit difficult. Thankfully that issue has been solved, and you can pick it up separately for about $60. There are even plenty of bundles available as well. This means you can order your controller offline, or head up to the store and pick one up in person. You should be able to find them at places like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and of course GameStop if you prefer buying in person.

An essential bundle

PlayStation VR, Aim controller with Skyrim VR, Bravo Team, and Farpoint bundle

If looking at this Aim Controller is the first that you’ve heard of PlayStation VR, and you find yourself getting hooked, this bundle is the one for you. Not only do you get everything you’ll need to play the PlayStation VR, but you also get two games you can play with the Aim controller and your own copy of Skyrim VR! Find it on Amazon for $184.99!

$185 at Amazon.

Which games are you most excited about?

While I wish that Killing Floor Incursion had compatibility for the PlayStation Aim to work, I’m sure there are plenty more out there we all wish we could see. Which games do you hope have Aim support when they release, and which games that already have the support are your favorite? Tell me about it in the comment section below, or shoot me a Tweet at @OriginalSluggo.

Update August 2018: We’ve updated this article formatting and included two new games with PlayStation Aim compatibility: Evasion, and Unearthing Mars 2!

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September 1, 2018 at 05:05AM