Harry Potter: A History of Magic weaves its spell on Google Arts & Culture


If you still can’t get enough of all things Harry Potter despite all the books and movies and games and fan fiction and JK Rowling’s Twitter account, then you might want to download the criminally underrated app Google Arts & Culture. The extremely popular Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibit from the British Library is now getting a digital version through the app. You will get to view 15 online exhibits in six languages, all from the comfort of your couch or wherever you may be. Of course, nothing beats actually going there, but since the exhibit’s last day at the British Library is February 28, this is the next best thing that you can experience.

There are tons of things to explore in this special online exhibit, from the early sketches and notes of JK Rowling to the art of Jim Kay who is illustrating the latest editions of the books to actual lessons in wizardry or rather, Muggle Magic with YouTube superstars, the Super Carlin Brothers. You get to learn all that you can about the books and the movies and how the whole universe was brought to life.

And if you’ve had your fill of Harry Potter, the exhibit also shines a light on our fascination with magic and wizardry by showing us the history of non-HP magic, strange facts, and even showing us their collection of the museum of witchcraft and magic. You get to see The Ripley Scroll which shows how to “make” the Philosopher’s Stone. There is so much to digest in this exhibit so be prepared to go down a magical wormhole.

If you haven’t downloaded the Google Arts and Culture app, then you’re missing a lot. You will need it to access the Harry Potter exhibit of course, and you can explore so many other exhibits as well. Harry Potter: A History of Magic is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi and Brazilian Portuguese, and more languages to be added soon.

SOURCE: Google

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February 27, 2018 at 06:20PM