Hangouts Meet now lets you call US and Canadian phone numbers


If your company is still using Hangouts Meet to do video conference calls across various countries, they have a new feature to make it easier to join calls if you’re in the US and Canada. You can now add participants through their phone numbers if they live in those two countries and if where you are supports this feature. This is useful for those who are already dialed into a conference bridge or if the team member is still on their commute and late to your video call.

Previously, you had to send a link to people you want to join the video call. But now you will be able to add users using their phone number whether you’re just starting the call or it’s already ongoing. If it’s the former, under the Add others section, click on “Add someone by phone.” If it’s the latter, then just open the meeting details and click on “Add someone by phone”. Then just add their number and when they answer the call, then they’ll be able to join the video call.

Only G Suite users who are in the same domain as the event organizer can add other people to the call. They also need to be on a web browser to be able to add someone. G Suite admins also need to enable Google Voice in the Admin console so people can access the feature.

But only those from supported countries like Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Denmark, France, India, New Zealand, the Philippines, United Kingdom, etc, will be able to add people through their US and Canada phone numbers. You can check out the complete list of supported countries in the source link.

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via Android Community

April 2, 2018 at 11:05PM