Google Voice WiFi calling feature to be enabled soon


We don’t always focus our attention on Google Voice but that feature has been around for some time now. Since 2010, this service has been a big part of the Android market although some may not realize it. Google Voice speeds up dialing for Android devices and supports searching text messages and voicemail transcripts. It has received several minor and major updates with the most notable ones include tablet support, MMS, Google+ Circles, voicemail with phone app integration, and the international call warning. Just recently, call recording was updated to work again while an update delivered web calling and deleting conversations among others.

Google Voice is about to get another update to allow users a new option. For those interested in using data only, you can soon sign up and enjoy Wi-Fi calling. This move is expected to further allow consumers to be wise with their spending and data usage. Google Voice may soon feature WiFi calling.

If you’re a loyal Google Voice user, feel free to register your account now for beta access. This is so you can try and test data-based calls. You may not easily see the feature but it should be rolling out anytime soon.

Details are scarce but we learned you can make outgoing calls by using the device’s dialer but you will be prompted now what mode you want to use–whether your network or data-call mode. You can then use the Google Voice app if you want to use WiFi calling. You still need to set this one up in advance first before it is enabled.

VIA: Android Police

via Android Community

April 5, 2018 at 04:05AM