Google Search makes it even easier to find (and book) events


When Google previously made it easier to find events right from the Search app itself, we probably had a lot of things we wish it could give us. Hopefully, one of your mental suggestions has been included in this latest round of new features that they’re rolling out. It’s summertime in the US and people might start running out of things to do at home and so finding events near their area in a convenient manner is a must.

Previously, you could search for things like “art exhibits” or “free concert” or “events near me” on the Search app itself. Now, not only will you be able to see results from various websites but you’ll see the major information that you need to know about the event right on the Search results itself. When you tap on any of the events, you’ll get an overview of the important things that you need to know, like dates, location, ticketing providers, and other relevant things that will help you make a decision whether to go or not.

If you’re still trying to decide if you will go to that event, just tap on the save icon so you won’t lose track of it later on. You can also easily share it with your friends, if you need a consensus if this is a thing that you all are interested in. And if you finally decide that this concert or play or sports event or exhibit is worth your time, go on and click on the Get Tickets icon and choose which ticket provider you want to buy from and you will then be redirected to the site. There is also a Directions icon if you want to check how near or far it is to you, if that’s a deciding factor.

When browsing for events, at the bottom of the page, you’ll see a tab that says For You. Tapping on it will give you suggestions of events that may match your interests (based on data that Google got across all their apps probably). You will also be able to see events that are trending near you. These are updated constantly so you hopefully won’t miss anything important.

The features are rolling out to Google Search so if you don’t see it yet, you will have to wait a few hours or days for it to reach you. Let us know if you were able to try out the events features and how was your experience with it.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

July 27, 2018 at 02:06AM