Google reportedly won’t be launching YouTube Music at SXSW


Since Google usually tries to make a big splash at the annual SXSW in Austin, Texas, there was some expectation that they will be launching the YouTube Music subscription service. And even though the keynote address will be delivered by Lyor Cohen, former Warner Music CEO and now YouTube’s global head of music, apparently, Google chose not to use the festival and trade show to launch something that may still be too confusing both for them and for the consumers.

We say confusing because until now, we’re not really sure what purpose YouTube Music will serve alongside the other subscription service, YouTube Red. While the latter was supposedly more for video content, but YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said last month that it was “really a music service” instead of the premium video content provider we thought it would be. So if it’s about music, then what’s the point of YouTube Music?

Well apparently we won’t know yet, at least not this month as sources are saying there will be no launch or announcement during SXSW, happening from March 9-17. A spokesperson said that it was really never their intention to launch it at this time, despite the rumors. And sources are saying they will instead focus on highlighting other products and initiatives from Google, and not specifically YouTube itself.

The next major event for Google where they may announce YouTube Music will be the I/O Conference happening in early May. Maybe by that time, they will actually be ready to launch and also to be clear about its positioning vis a vis Youtube Red.

VIA: Variety

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March 7, 2018 at 07:02AM