Google removes 100-device registration limit for uncertified devices


We recently reported that Google has since started to block Google Play access of what it called “uncertified devices”. This meant that a device running Android software that didn’t pass Google’s Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) will be prevented from using Google Apps – popularly known as Gapps. This was a big problem for custom ROM users, who still used Gapps. Google set up a registration site so users can register uncertified devices under their Google accounts – but put up a 100-device whitelist limit. That limit is now gone.

Users questioned this approach, because it only allowed 100 IDs to be whitelisted, and users were worrying that they’d run out of tokens. And even then, there was a lot of confusion how the registration would work. At first, the website broke down. Then it worked with phone’s IMEI numbers. And then lastly, it seemed that Google changed to accepting the Google Play Service Framework Device ID (but only in decimal format).

The good news – according to XDA – is that the site has removed the 100-device limit, and you can register as many devices under your Google account. The registration site now accepts the unique Google Play Service Framework Device ID (GSF ID) of your device in its original hexadecimal format.

As per XDA’s tutorial, you can now install an app that will give you your device’s GSF ID so you can register it on the website. Then your device could now use Google Apps, even if you are using a custom ROM.


via Android Community

April 4, 2018 at 02:02PM