Google Play Movies &TV support (finally) available for Google Home


It’s still sometimes a mystery why the whole Google eco-system doesn’t immediately function as well as you could expect on any Google device. They will probably have to fix some internal processes and systems for this, but there has been some improvement the past years. One mystery was why there was no Google Play Movies & TV support for Google Home devices. Well, finally, at least that problem has been solved as users can now use their Google Assistant voice commands to watch their favorite movies and shows that they bought or rented from the Google service.

You can actually already use Google Home to launch, access, and control a few video streaming services like Netflix, CBS, CW, and Viki. You could even use some of Google’s own products like YouTube TV (for US only), YouTube, and Google Photos. But noticeably missing was Google Play Movies & TV, and if you preferred to use mostly Google products for all your apps and services, then that’s kind of annoying. Now you have less reason to be annoyed since support is finally there.

Once you’ve added Google Play Movies & TV to your Google Home device, all the content that you’ve bought or rented from the service will be there already. You can launch specific shows or episodes, pause/play/stop whenever you want, scrub through a video, turn on the subtitles when it’s difficult to listen to, switch languages if you prefer watching in your own language (and if available), etc.

The Play Movies & TV platform doesn’t require you to have a partner app in order to work. So, enjoy finally having your Google Home control your videos from within the comfort of wherever you are in your room.

VIA: SlashGear

via Android Community

May 18, 2018 at 07:37PM