Google Photos Live Albums 10K limit is real


Google Photos has received Hub Home, Live Albums, and some Pixel 3 features a couple of weeks ago. The tech giant regularly sends updates to the photo cloud storage service to ensure consumers experience only the best. Live Albums particularly is a nice addition but unfortunately, it has limits. Google never mentioned the limit: only 10,000 images can be stored. The automated albums apparently have an upper limit we never knew existed. We can’t really blame Google but at least now we know the reality.

The Google Photos Live Albums 10,000-limit should be enough. That’s a lot of photos if you ask us but hey, I just checked my photo gallery on my phone and there are 5,000 pics there. To be honest, that’s not too many, at least, for me. The problem is, I don’t organize them. I wish to store them on Google Photos but I’m afraid I’d reach the limit fast on Live Albums.

There are users already who have reached the limit. They received the “Live album paused” warning which means they can’t add more. Quick solution? Just create another Google account–or not.

That’s one solution to the problem but we think Google can do better. One suggestion is that it cleans up the duplicates or those low-quality images with blurs. There’s the AI smart selection feature so it should be easy.

Another disadvantage of Google Photos is that you can’t choose a start or end date for an album, restrict photos, or limit by date. It would be nice if a filter can be used to check an album size.

We’re crossing our fingers Google will make the necessary enhancements soon. Google Photos has the potential to become one of the best cloud storage services today but the tech giant needs to be more sensitive to the needs of the consumers.

VIA: Android Police

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October 26, 2018 at 03:05AM