Google Photos brings Live Albums, Home Hub and Pixel 3 features


Google Photos is probably one of the best products that the tech giant has come up with the past few years and it looks like they keep adding more features to make it even more indispensable for those who take, collect, and organize photos like there’s no tomorrow. Now they have Live Albums that you can easily share. Plus, the newly-announced Google products like Home Hub and Pixel 3 have new Google Photos features that you can enjoy once you get them.

There are probably photos or albums that you regularly share with your loved ones, like your kids’ photos with your parents or your pet photos with your fellow dog (or cat) lovers. Instead of sending them a link every time there’s something new, you can now mark an album as “live”. Choose the people or pets that you want to share and every time you take/add a photo that Google recognizes, it will be added to that live album. No need to manually update it anymore or tell them that there are new pictures (well, you can still do that if you want).

The newly announced Google Home Hub is a pretty nifty smart display that you can use to access Google Assistant, watch videos, and control all your smart home devices. But another purpose when you’re not actually using it is as a digital photo frame. Of course, Google Photos plays a big part in making that a great feature to have. You can say “Hey Google, show me pictures from Paris” and it will pull up all photos taken there and uploaded to your Photos app. The device also adjusts the brightness and color temperature based on where it is so your photos will look right at home.

As for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, Google is hyping up these phones’ mobile cameras and Google Photos also plays a part. Top Shot automatically captures alternate shots and gives suggestions as to which is the best shot. The recommended photos, as well as the others, can be seen in Google Photos and when you agree with it, you can just hit save.

Google Photos also now has a depth editor so you can adjust the background blur and also change the focus to help you create the perfect portrait photo. This editing feature will be available on smartphones that have support for portrait photos like the new Pixel 3, Pixel 2, and Moto G6.

SOURCE: Google

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October 11, 2018 at 01:05PM