Google outs new AIY Vision Kit to bring computer vision


Artificial intelligence may be an old idea but it hasn’t fully reached perfection. We don’t think it will ever reach its peak but we know it will only constantly evolve. This year especially, AI technologies have begun to proliferate. AI isn’t all about Alexa or the Google Assistant. It goes beyond those voice assistants. To introduce the greater public to AI, Google has earlier launched AIY projects that offer do-it-yourself artificial intelligence. It just started the work as fast forward to a few months later, it gets a follow-up in the form of the AIY Vision Kit.

Actually, the AIY Vision Kit is just one project. There’s also the AIY Voice Kit introduced earlier and because of its success, Google developers thought of making a related kit. From voice recognition, your device can soon use computer vision to identify objects and surroundings. It takes advantage of on-device neural network acceleration so it doesn’t fully depend on the cloud.

The AIY Vision Kit is also a DIY build. You need to be well-versed in development so building your project will be easier. With other materials like a Raspberry Pi Camera, Raspberry Pi Zero W, power supply, and an SD card, you can start building your own project. It’s high time you come up with your own intelligent camera and with the AIY Vision Kit, you can start on one.

Making the kit more intelligent includes a software image plus three TensorFlow-based neural network models–one on MobileNets, one for face detection, and another for discerning the objects whether it’s an animal or a person.

Inside the kit are the following items: VisionBonnet, RGB arcade-style button, cardboard outer shell, macro/wide lens kit, piezo speaker, standoffs, flex cables, and a tripod mounting nut. If you’re interested, you can pre-order a Google AIY Vision Kit on Micro Center.

SOURCE: Google Developers, The Keyword

via Android Community

December 1, 2017 at 08:05AM