Google outs Flutter Beta 3, the Android (and iOS) mobile app SDK


Ahead of Google’s I/O 2018 Conference, the search giant has launched a third beta release of Flutter. What is Flutter? Well, the name will be familiar to developers – it is an open source mobile user interface framework that helps developers build native interfaces for Android and apparently, iOS. The fact that Flutter is cross platform seems to be the biggest draw for developers, especially when you have to code for multiple app markets.

Flutter was first announced at I/O 2017 in May, and arrived as a beta early this year. Flutter is designed to compete in the market of native frameworks like Facebook’s React Native, and Flutter is designed to combine the performance and platform integrations of native mobile with the rapid development and multi-platform reach of portable UI toolkits.

If you want to build Flutter apps, those are built using Google’s Dart programming language. Flutter Beta 3 enables Dart 2 with a terser syntax for building Flutter UIs. Beta 3 also brings more localization options – these include right-to-left languages, better accessibility support, and an improved widget inspector. If you are a Visual Studio user, it should be a boon to you that there is now a dedicated Flutter extension for VB.

“We are targeting a 1.0 release within the next year, but we will continue to adjust the schedule as necessary,” Flutter group product manager Tim Sneath said in a statement. “As we’re an open source project, our open issues are public and work scheduled for upcoming milestones can be viewed on our Github repo at any time.” Flutter betas will continue to ship “on an approximately monthly schedule,” Sneath added.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

May 8, 2018 at 12:44AM