Google offering one free audiobook for Google Home owners


Google just recently announced that they were officially offering audiobooks on the Google Play Store, even though they were actually selling some of them previously. This just means it has its own section and that they are heavily marketing it. And it looks like they’re really pushing for this new content as they are now offering one free title for Google Home owners. We’re not really sure if it’s for all kinds of Google Home devices like the Home Mini, Home Max, etc so make sure you check your email’s spam section as the offer might have gone there.

The email announces that audiobooks are now available and that the first one is on them. When you click on the link you will be led to all the “eligible titles” for the promo and you get to choose from all of them for your first audiobook that you can ask your Google Home to play back to you. Hopefully, you can get a preview of it first so you can hear the narrator, because aside from the content, who is reading it to you really matters when it comes to audiobooks.

Once you choose which one you want to get as a free title, you can now click to buy it. Once it’s in your checkout box before you finalize your order, the price will drop to $0 so you can make your “purchase”. You will then be able to find the audiobook in your Google Play Books section.

Google is, of course, hoping that once you experience the audiobook, you’d want to buy some more. There is no monthly subscription here (unlike Amazon’s Audible) so you can just buy when you want. The offer for the free audiobook is time sensitive, so better check your emails now, if you have a Google Home device.

VIA: Droid Life

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February 4, 2018 at 02:36PM