Google now switching Android gun emoji to water pistol


Following Apple’s decision back in 2016 to make the “realistic” gun emoji into a water pistol, it seems that other vendors have finally decided to follow it as well. Google is the latest brand that has chosen to do so for the sake of less confusion for cross-platform emojis. WhatsApp, Samsung, and Twitter have all recently switched as well, and so Android should not be left behind.

Emojipedia reported that Google has updated its NotoColorEmoji library and that includes turning the previously revolver with dark gray barrel and brown handle into a now more colorful water pistol colored yellow and orange with blue and green accents. It’s far from the fluorescent green water pistol design that Apple released back in 2016.

Google back then was not enthusiastic about changing the gun emoji although they did “want to be as compatible with other systems as possible.” Now that the aforementioned brands have switched, it made sense that Android would want to do the same. Facebook says they’re replacing theirs as well. Actually, it’s only Microsoft now that still sports a “real” revolver for the gun emoji, although they were actually the first to use a toy ray gun back in 2013.

It might seem like a small thing to have to change the gun emoji, but compatibility issues aside, we’re of course at a pivotal point socially when it comes to gun issues. Whichever side of the fence you fall into, you’ll just have to live with a water pistol gun emoji.

VIA: Emojipedia

via Android Community

April 25, 2018 at 07:06AM