Google Nest Mini may come with aux jack, built-in wall mount


Ever since the Google Nest acquisition happened some five years ago, we’ve seen a number of Nest products. It was only recently that Google has started testing out “Move to” controls on Nest Hub which could mean further integration of the two brands. It was only yesterday when we learned Nest users can now migrate to their Google accounts. Earlier this year, a Google Nest rebranding brought the Google Nest Hub Max as the first product. The latest information we have is a 2nd-gen Google Nest product may be introduced.

A Google Nest Mini may be in the works according to a source. The device may offer better audio and a built-in wall mount with an aux jack. The Google Home Mini was released in 2017 but it may be getting a follow-up in the form of the Nest Mini.

The Google Nest Mini will follow the Nest Mini when it comes to size and the Nest Hub Max when it comes to the branding. When it comes to design, it will look more similar to the Google Home Mini. It will be affordable and will also include the Google Assistant.

The Nest Mini is expected to be better in many ways. Max volume will be higher. Audio will be improved. Bass will be better. The built-in wall mount is also said to allow the device to be hung on the wall. Maybe something similar to what picture frames have.

The Google Nest Mini may also include a 3.5mm stereo jack. It’s possible it’s to connect to a bigger speaker system. The device will include more motion sensors similar to the Nest Protect, Nest Guard, and the Nest Hub Max. New colors of the Nest Mini may be available. As for the price, it could still be around $49 or maybe even slightly higher but won’t go over $100.

via Android Community

August 22, 2019 at 05:04AM