Google may be working on the Yeti game streaming service


The Yeti isn’t a myth. No, we’re not talking about that mysterious hairy creature but Google is believed to be working on the Yeti gaming console. It’s only a codename but we’re given the idea that the tech giant is working on a new gaming device. We’re not just talking about a new platform but maybe a new hardware–that or a related gaming service. The Yeti is more believed to be a streaming service similar to the Sony PlayStation Now.

The Yeti service will allow the player to stream games from the cloud. No need to download on the hardware. It’s not entirely a new concept but Google hopping on the bandwagon may bring the game streaming arena to a whole new different level. The company is also believed to be in discussions with game developers already.

Not much details are available. We’re curious to know if the games will be exclusive to the Yeti or the existing games that are popular in the gaming scene will have a version for the streaming service. We know this Google game streaming service will directly rival the Sony PlayStation Now. It’s not exactly the first one to challenge Sony. There have been others in the past but weren’t quite successful.

When it comes to the Yeti, Google has to plan a strategy well in advance in order to sell the service to gamers especially those hardcore ones.

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February 8, 2018 at 12:06PM