Google may be planning some new wearables, based on new job listing


There are many ways to find out what some brands are planning to launch soon. You can get “spies” from within, be on the lookout for rumors and leaks, or maybe just look at their new job listings. Based on what some folks spotted on Google’s latest job listings, we might be looking at new wearable products to be released soon, including a possible Made by Google smartwatch. Of course these are just assumptions but there’s probably a big reason why they’re looking for a VP of Hardware Engineering for Wearables.

Previously, we’ve heard rumors of Google coming out with a smartwatch of its own especially when they launched the Android Wear platform. However, Google explicitly said that they were not coming out with a Pixel Watch or any kind of smartwatch anytime soon. They might have changed their minds though as it looks like they’re looking for a VP to head a department that will basically create wearables and possibly a smartwatch.

The position of VP of Hardware Engineering for Wearables showed up on the Google Careers website and will be responsible for the “design, development, and shipment of all Google’s Wearable products” and will develop “multiple next-generation wearable products” at the same time. There is also a listing for Wearables Design Manager but the description is a bit more general, with you being a “critical leader and contributor” in Google’s efforts to define what is “Google in your hands”.

Given that the only Made by Google wearable currently in the market is the Pixel Buds, we can expect more to be announced soon. Whether or not it’s actually a smartwatch or just a fitness tracker, we’re excited to see what we can expect from Google eventually when it comes to wearables.

VIA: Android Police

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February 11, 2019 at 02:30PM