Google Maps wants you to make lists with #LetsGuide campaign


If you really explored Google Maps, you’ll see that it’s trying to be more than just a navigation app. You can save your travel itinerary, discover new places in your neighborhood or use it to research for places to visit when you’re traveling. In fact, they’re now encouraging Local Guides to create lists of their favorite things in their areas to serve as guides to those who may need the information when they visit someday. The #LetsGuide campaign aims to encourage Local Guides to share what they’re into.

Being a Local Guide is fairly easy. You just need to have Google Maps and you need to be genuinely helpful by sharing reviews, photos, and information and answering some questions that users may have about your area. Just click here to find out how to become one. If it’s your first time job create a list, you can either go to a place that you’re planning to add to your list, then click Save. You can also start with the title first by going to your saved places and then clicking on the + sign at the bottom right. You’ll be guided by a pretty simple UI to finish your list.

Google has some tips for creating lists in the #LetsGuide campaign. Your title should be straightforward and specific but can also be a bit of fun. In the Description, you can talk more about what the list really is about (and they want you to add the #LetsGuide hashtag for discoverability). You should put at least five places in your list and if you want to add details for each of the item, you can add them in the Comments field. Of course don’t forget to make the list public or else it’s practically useless.

Google will be sharing their favorite lists on their social media. And if you want to find inspiration for what kind of lists you can make, check out their #LetsGuide wheel.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

March 22, 2018 at 05:02AM