Google Maps now lets you “follow” businesses to keep updated


As we’ve said before, Google Maps is trying to be not just a navigation app you use when you’re lost. Their updates these past few months have added features like music controls, personalized recommendations, group trip planning, ETA sharing, etc. Now Google wants you to refer to Maps for updates on your favorite restaurants, stores, museums, coffee shops as it will now allow you to “follow” these businesses so you can keep up with all the new things that they will be offering.

While you can always probably refer to the Facebook or Instagram pages of these businesses, new options to keep track of all your favorite places are always welcome. And now, you have Google Maps for that. Search for a place on the app and you’ll now see a Follow button under the name. Tap it and from now on, you’ll see all the latest news, events, offers, promos, and other updates from them.

To see all the news from the places that you follow, there will be a new For You tab on the app. It will look like a news feed for the places that you frequent or would like to frequent. At launch, this feature will not be available for all territories though. Google only says “where available” but did not specify where so if you don’t see the Follow button yet, then you’ll have to just wait.

New businesses can also now be seen on Google Maps and mobile search even before they actually open. Simply set up a profile on Google My Business and include your opening date. When people search for you or find you on Maps or search, they’ll see the opening date up to 3 months in advance so they can mark it on their calendars in case they’re excited to go to your place.

These are pretty good updates for Google Maps and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for users. Hopefully, more good and useful things that will benefit both users and businesses as well.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

October 25, 2018 at 12:03PM