Google Maps brings group planning through shortlist feature


One of the most trying tasks of getting a group of people together is deciding where to meet up or especially where to eat. While you can always have group chats on your messaging app of choice, it’s not always the most convenient as you’d have to backread or look for links and then vote for where you’ll eventually end up in. Google Maps wants to make things easier for your group chats by adding a group planning element to the app through a new feature called shortlist.

When you’re looking for specific restaurants or bars or coffee shops or locations on Google Maps, you’ll see a small floating bubble on the side which will house your shortlist. Tap or hold on a place in your results and you’ll get the option to add it to your shortlist. When you’re viewing the place, you can also tap to add it. You’ll be able to view the places you added as a regular list or on a map view, so you can see the distance from each other or from where everyone else is coming.

When you’ve gathered several places, it’s now time to share it with the group. You can generate a link that you can paste to any messaging app that you’re using for your group chat. They can view it on their own Maps app or on the web as well. They can also rename the list, share it with others, or leave it if they don’t want to join. They can also upvote or downvote each place, which should serve as your “survey” as to which place you’ll eventually end up with.

This is still an initial roll-out though so some things are still not functional and there are missing features. Other members in the group still can’t add places to a shortlist you initiated, but that should be a key feature eventually. Those who are viewing Google Maps on the web can’t start a shortlist as well.

The group planning feature through shortlists should start rolling out to Google Maps on Android this week. It’s a server side update so you can’t force it if it’s not yet available for you.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

September 26, 2018 at 05:49PM