Google makes it even easier to book flights, hotesl on your mobile


Not everyone does their booking or travel planning on a laptop or desktop. A lot of people actually do their searching for flights and hotels while on their mobile device but would have to wait until they are on a desktop to book because it’s inconvenient on their phones. Google wants to make things easier for you and these latest update to the way you do your search for travel things should be more mobile friendly and hopefully, easier as well.

When you search for hotels on your Google app, there are now better price filters as well as more information about the amenities that you usually look for when trying to book a hotel. And better yet, you can now even book directly from the app so no need to go to other apps (if that’s what you prefer). Of course some would want to book through Booking or Agoda or wherever, but if you prefer to do your search and booking in just one place, then the Google app should suffice.

Some countries are also getting new features on the mobile search. When you use Google Flights, you’ll see a tab called Hotels at the top of the page so it’s much easier to look for places to stay in the places that you’ve already booked flights to. It also works the other way around when you search for hotels. You’ll see a Flights tab on top and if you want to see what other things you can do, just click on the Explore tab.

If you’re still looking for places to go to, then clicking on More Destinations might give you some ideas. You can also now see a section called Your Trips which will show you all your past and upcoming trips, as culled from your Gmail. No worries, all of these things are for your eyes only.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

February 7, 2018 at 05:05AM