Google makes it easier to do online research for your gift-buying


Gift-giving season is upon us so that means online searches for various gift items will be full of “best” or “discount” keywords. And while a lot will probably do online shopping to avoid the long lines and heavy traffic, there are still those who prefer to go to actual stores but do thorough research online. And Google will, of course, help you navigate through all of the info available by bringing helpful features in your search results in both desktop and mobile, whether you’re just doing research or you’re actually buying online.

When you’re searching for a product, you can now get more information in the results in your Google Shopping ads by clicking the “Quick View” button. You will get a bigger image, read through the product descriptions and specs, and even reviews and the seller ratings of the online vendor. If you want to look for other options, there are also related items that you will be able to browse when you scroll down. You can also discover other products from the same brand or the same retailer.

If it’s just research you’re interested in before you decide to buy offline, the knowledge panel on has also been improved so you can find information like photos, videos, product reviews, descriptions, etc. They will also be offering buying guides for broad product categories to help you sort through all the brand clutter that will probably meet you when you do your search. If it’s gadgets you’re looking at, it will also tell you if there’s a newer model available in case you’re not yet updated with the product line.

And if you want to buy something already, you can actually ask Google Assistant to do it for you with a few voice commands. Some commands you can use are “Ok Google, where can I buy…” if you’re still trying to look for the best place to buy it or “Ok Google, buy…” if you’ve already decided to buy and have it delivered to your doorstep.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

November 22, 2017 at 07:02AM