Google Lens now arriving to the Google Pixels and Pixel 2s


Google revealed several weeks ago that it had almost finished work on its Google Lens feature for the Google Pixels and that it was just polishing up some final bits. Reports on Reddit over the weekend suggested that it was now officially rolling out, and we’ve since spotted it on one of our own Pixels.

Google Lens is something like a Google Assistant-powered version of Google Goggles and it’s found in a new button at the bottom-right of the Google Assistant interface; tap it and a camera viewfinder will be launched. You can then use your phone to snap a picture of something — a sign, a poster, a product etc — and Google Assitant will attempt to offer more information about it.

The feature can also be used on photos or screenshots you’ve already taken (via Google Photos) and can achieve neat tricks like connecting to Wi-Fi networks by scanning the password on the rear of a router — something which could come in very handy when you’re visiting a friend’s house.

We’ve now got this on one of our Google Pixel 2s in Europe on the Android 8.1 Developer Preview, but it doesn’t appear to have launched on all handsets just yet. It should be arriving any day, though, so launch the Google Assitant on your handset now to see if you’ve got it yet.

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via Android Authority

November 19, 2017 at 11:44PM