Google Lens may have shopping and nature in its future


You find out some interesting things when looking at tech exec’s Twitter conversations with other people. Google Lens’ Engineering Lead Rajan Patel gave out some teasers about future plans for the visual analysis tool that is currently available only for Google Pixel devices. It’s still in its early days and not widely available, but it looks like they’re already working on adding more functionalities to it, which includes shopping, some sort of nature-related feature, OCR, and an experimental augmented reality tech.

A journalist from Android Police reached out to Patel on Twitter, asking him about details on how the Google Lens can be more useful soon. Currently, aside from the fact that it is only available for Pixel and Pixel 2 devices, functionality is still limited. It brings up relevant information about objects when you point your Lens at it and is integrated with both Google Photos and Google Assistant, but that’s about it.

According to Patel, they are working on bringing shopping functionality to Lens, at least when it comes to apparel, home goods, etc. Floral and fauna or natural world improvements are also currently being built. He also shares that his team has sent him a new OCR (optical character recognition) model to probably make reading images with text better. Lastly, he also teased that they are experimenting with augmented reality, but that probably means it will take a bit longer.

Just remember that this wasn’t an “official statement” from Google, but rather some teases about what they’re working on for the Lens. Now as to what will make it past the drawing board, that is the question.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

December 14, 2017 at 01:01AM