Google Keep update brings expanded canvas


Google Keep is one of those underrated apps that is pretty useful and yet simple in its functionality. It has evolved from just a sticky note type app to a must-have for productivity addicts and those who need to constantly jot down notes and reminders. Later on, it added support for hand-drawn notes but users realized they needed a bigger space than what Google was giving. So now, the latest update to the app gives just that, an expanded canvas.

If you’re just typing out stuff on Google Keep, the squarish or sticky note type of space is just okay. But if you’re using hand-drawn notes or actually drawing on your Keep app, then you’ll need a bit more space. After you update your app to the latest version and you draw/write on a note, you’ll see a pop-up telling you that more space has been added as you get to the bottom of the screen.

If you’re accessing Keep on your Android device, you can scroll down by swiping with two fingers. If you’re using the desktop version, just scroll down when you need more space. This is a minor update but also pretty important for those who use Keep regularly and heavily.

The update also brings the usual bug fixes and improvements that us mere mortals don’t understand. But anyways, just update the app to the latest version or if you haven’t tried Google Keep yet, make it part of your New Year’s Resolution and download it from the Google Play Store.

VIA: Android Police

via Android Community

December 13, 2018 at 02:06PM