Google Images now adds captions to results for context and information


For people looking for visual information and inspiration, they probably use Google Images more than just the usual Google Search. And while they have made some changes that were not pleasing to ordinary users (mainly you will have to go to the website to download the image), the newer update should be more useful rather than annoying. Images on mobile search will now have captions that include the domain url from where it came from to give content and a bit more information about the results of your visual search.

Previously, Google improved on its images search by adding badges like “recipe” or “product” on some specific results to guide users on the category that the image falls under. Then they added the domain URL for further context and also for users to immediately see the source of the image. Now, you get even more information in a caption that is found under the image. It shows the title of the web page which should give you more information about where the image came from and its context.

Previously, Google Images had to change how they present the images in the search results because of the Getty Images agreement that they were able to reach (to avoid the lawsuit). They had to remove the download button in each of the results and instead users have to visit the website to be able to save it if needed. It was good news for artists and photographers but inconvenient for users in general.

Google is now trying to make Google Images more useful for users and this is one of the first things they want to start with. Image captions have already started rolling out on the Google app and on mobile browsers.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

March 14, 2018 at 12:46AM