Google I/O 2018 Schedule updated, reserve seats for Sessions in advance


The Google I/O 2018 is happening next month and we’re excited to learn the new products and services from the top tech company in the world. We’ll definitely know for sure the Android P dessert as it will be served up during the conference. The Google I/0 2018 will happen on May 8 to 10 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, San Francisco Bay Area in California. Back in March, we shared with you a list of sessions under different categories: Android & Play, Google Assistant, Cloud, Web, and IOT.

More Sessions, Codelabs, Office Hours, App Reviews, and After Hours have been added. All information is posted on the conference website where you can see the locations and times for each event. Feel free to plan your trip on the site. Add a star so you can quickly view in the future.

Please note the schedule may still change due to unforeseen reasons but the sessions should be final by now. You may expect an announcement on scheduled Meetup events that will be held at the Community Lounge. Developers are highly encouraged to attend the sessions and activities so you can network with other genius devs.

You can also now reserve a seat to any session you want to attend. Sign in to your Google account and visit Select the ticket icon to reserve. An hourglass icon means Session is fully booked but a waitlist may be open. Reserve as many interesting Sessions but only one waitlist per slot will be chosen.

Here is the morning schedule for the first day, May 8:

Tuesday, May 8
10 AM
• Google Keynote, Amphitheatre (Keynote)

11:30 AM
• Codelabs, Codelabs building

• [App Review] Google accessibility
App Reviews tent – F (Accessibility)

• [Office Hour] Android Bazel
Office Hours tent – B (Android & Play)

• [Office Hour] Android Runtime
Office Hours tent – A (Android & Play)

• [Office Hour] Building websites with AMP and PWA
Office Hours tent – D (Web)

• [Office Hour] Firebase Remote Config and A/B testing
Office Hours tent – C (Firebase)

• [Office Hour] Google Mobile Ads SDK
Office Hours tent – E (Ads)

View Full Schedule HERE

SOURCE: Google Developers

via Android Community

April 10, 2018 at 11:15PM