Google Home speakers can now pair with supported Bluetooth devices


If you have one Google Home speaker at your house but want to have a multi-room speaker set-up, you now don’t need to buy a Google Home for each of your rooms. If you have Bluetooth speakers lying around or if you find it cheaper to get new ones from other brands, you can now connect them and control them from your main Google Home speaker. While you still have to talk to your main device, it’s still pretty convenient to be able to connect all the other Bluetooth ones.

Setting up doesn’t seem to be that complicated on paper. Just open the Google Home app on your smartphone, go to the device settings, and just follow the pairing instructions. If the Bluetooth speaker is compatible, it will show up there and you just have to pair it. Then just say “Hey Google, play my morning playlist” or “Ok Google, turn up the volume” and your Bluetooth speaker should be able to follow the commands.

If you have several speakers in other rooms, just add it to a group in your Google Home app and it should be able to function multi-room. So if you’re listening to a podcast while tinkering around your house, it should be able to follow you around as long as all the Bluetooth speakers are connected.

If you need to ask questions like your usual queries, weather updates, etc, you’ll still have to talk to your main Google Home device and not the connected Bluetooth speakers.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

March 29, 2018 at 03:05AM