Google Home smart display being planned by the tech giant


Google is kicking the smart home scene up a notch when it launches its very own smart display. There is no official product yet but the tech giant is going that direction. The company has already introduced the Google Home speakers including the first model, the Google Home Mini, and the Google Home Max. The first smart speaker was introduced two years ago and it has since received a number of updates and integrations with several products and services. It works more than just a Bluetooth speaker. It offers smart functions with the Google Assistant, getting new competition through the years.

After smart speakers, smart displays have started to enter the scene. We’ve featured a few including the Lenovo Smart Display, ARCHOS Hello, LG ThinQ WK9, and of course, the Echo Show by Amazon. That latter is powered by Alexa though, not the Google Assistant.

Google VP’s Rishi Chandra recent statements suggest the company is considering on a smart display. This may bring further innovations into the smart home game that’s been slow to progress. The tech giant is said to continue its partnerships with Lenovo and Sony to develop new smart displays with the Google Assistant.

Don’t expect a Google-made hardware but we’re assuming, only products “made for Google“. This makes sense because there is no point in making things from scratch when others can do it for you. Google has been doing it with the Nexus, Pixel, and Chromebook lines so why not extend it to smart home displays.

The smart display is said to be an “emerging category” now according to the Google exec. There is no official announcement yet but we’re guessing the smart display will have the voice assistant and be integrated with other Google products and services like the Nest or Chrome OS. Artificial intelligence may even be added to make the smart product even more intelligent than ever.

VIA: Variety

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April 2, 2018 at 10:08PM