Google Home says “Hola!” to its Spanish-speaking customers


The battle between Google and Amazon is truly on, not just when it comes to their respective digital assistants but also their smart home speakers. Both Google Assistant and Alexa, respectively, are pretty popular right now and so the two tech giants need to leverage their advantages over the competition. The US has a huge Spanish-speaking population and now Google Home owners will be able to use this language to ask questions and get their Google Assistant to do tasks for them.

The first thing you need to do of course is to set it up so that your Google Home device will be able to know that you want to communicate with it in Spanish. Just go to the Google Home app on your mobile device, tap Menu, go to the Preferences in the Settings menu, and then choose Español as your language. After that, you will now be able to make it do stuff for you in the language that you’re more comfortable with (if Spanish is that for you of course).

You can ask it to tell you your schedule for the day (“Ok Google, ¿cómo será mi día?”) or check up on your favorite team’s performance at the ongoing World Cup tournament (Ok Google, ¿cuándo juega México?” ). You can also tell your Google Home to play your favorite songs (“Ok Google, reproducir mi lista de reproducción para hacer ejercicio”) or turn down the temperature if it’s too hot in the room (“Ok Google, sube la temperatura del termostato”). There are a lot of other things that Google can do, so just go ahead and explore in Spanish.

All Google Home products in the US, including Home, Mini, and Max, will be able to understand you in Spanish. Home and Mini are also Spanish-trained in Mexico and Spain.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

June 27, 2018 at 10:04AM