Google Home now lets you string commands together


While smart speakers have probably made our lives a little bit easier, it’s also sometimes still a bit inconvenient if you want to give several commands since you have to make separate requests. Google Home is solving that in the future with Routines, which will allow you to group multiple commands under a customized phrase. But for now, while the feature still isn’t available, they have given users an under-the-radar solution by letting them string two commands together at the same time.

The update wasn’t really announced in their usual blog posts, but those who tried giving two commands at once got a surprise when Google Home would allow them to do so. Some examples of commands that they tried out were “Ok Google, play indie music and turn up the volume to 6” or “Ok Google turn off the lights and play instrumental music”. Traffic information for some reason doesn’t always work with two commands though.

You can also now create Shortcuts which you can save in the settings and give a name. For example, you can name it Relax now and save a command that will play a certain playlist and dim the lights. So just say, “Ok Google, relax now” and it will do as you set it up. However Google Home will not recognize a shortcut if you string it with another command.

There is no news yet when Routines will come to Google Home and how this will work with Shortcuts and the string two commands feature that are both live now.


via Android Community

November 30, 2017 at 10:02PM