Google Home Mini crashing when music is played at high volume


Google is aware of the issue at hand and actively looking for a fix.

Google’s small and cheap Home Mini is bound to be on a lot of people’s wish lists this holiday season, but a new issue that’s popped up for the speaker has been preventing some folks from listening to music on it at high volumes.

Complaints about this have popped up on the Google Home Help Forum and on Reddit, and while it’s unclear exactly what songs or volume levels replicate the issue, one Redditor claims that playing either Royals by Lorde or Icon by Jayden Smith at 100% volume is a good way to test if your speaker is affected.

I decided to give this a try for myself, and sure enough, my Home Mini shut off and rebooted just before Lorde could finish saying she’d never seen a diamond in the flesh.

This is unsurprisingly frustrating, but a Googler has since responded and said that the Home team is aware of the issue at hand and investigating to find a fix.

If you run into the issue yourself, Paula from Google recommends recreating the issue, immediately submitting feedback through the Google Home app, and using the keyword "GHT3 – Google Home Mini reboot at high volume" along with a description and checked boxes so a screenshot and logs are included with the submission.

If you’ve experienced this bug on your Home Mini, drop us a comment down below.

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December 1, 2017 at 05:44AM