Google Home Max may arrive on December 11 (or not)


It’s already December and yet we don’t have an exact date as to when the Google Home Max will be available. But if we’re to believe Best Buy, then it might just arrive at their online store by December 11. While there is still no indication on the Google Store when it will go live, we do know that if you get the super-sized Google Home, you’ll get a year’s free subscription to YouTube Red if you buy and activate starting December 11. So that seems like the magic date after all, at least in the US.

The Best Buy listing indicates that the Google Home Max will start to go on sale on Monday, December 11. It’s a much-awaited smart speaker ever since it was announced back in October, even if its price is more than double the original Google Home. But the specs seem to indicate it is worth that price tag of $399. It has dual 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers with .7-inch tweeters. You can connect it to speakers through Cast, Bluetooth, and if you want to go old school, 3.5mm jack. It is also 20x louder than the Google Home so it really is understandable why it’s that expensive.

Google hasn’t made any official announcement, but if you go to the Google Home Max page, where it just says you can “join the waitlist”, there’s a small clue as to when it will be available. When you look at the terms and conditions of the free YouTube Red subscription that you’ll get if you buy it through the Google Store, you’ll get a little clue. Originally it said the 12-month free trial is only applicable to those who will activate their Google Home Max between December 11-February 15, 2018. They have since then edited it to just say before February 15.

We don’t know why they would remove that. Either they don’t want to announce it yet or the availability has been pushed back. Either way, it’s not good for those who are waiting to shell out $399 to get the Google Home Max but don’t know when this will happen yet.

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December 1, 2017 at 04:04AM